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  • 16 gerberas and flowers Original price was: ر.س489.99.Current price is: ر.س325.99.

    – 16 gerberas
    – Pink flowers
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arranged in a patchi bag

  • Arrangement of mxed flowe .. Original price was: ر.س479.00.Current price is: ر.س374.37.

    – Mixed roses
    – 1liter juice bottle
    – Vitamic C tablets
    – White wrapper
    – Tied with a purple ribbon

  • Arrangement of yellow ros .. Original price was: ر.س462.99.Current price is: ر.س342.14.

    – 12 yellow roses
    – 5 stems of baby yellow roses
    – 2 liters of juice bottles
    – 1 packet sugar free golden ginger juice packet
    – 1 packet panadol advance
    – white baby breathes
    – Wrapped in a black wrapper in a basket
    – Tied with a brown ribbon

  • Baby Roses & Chocolates Basket Original price was: ر.س564.99.Current price is: ر.س454.00.

    Maltreses, toblorone chocoalte, snickers, twix, hersheys, M&M kisses and many other chocoaltes arranged in a box.

  • Basket flowers arrangement ر.س218.99

    Send this surprise arrangement of mixed flowers basket to your loved one or family or friends and make their special day more special

  • Basket of mixed flowers Original price was: ر.س470.99.Current price is: ر.س325.30.

    – 4 pink roses
    – 6 white chrysanthemum flowers
    – 8 red chrysanthemum flowers
    – 5 white cymbidium orchids
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Wooden basket with handle

  • Basket of red and white flowers Original price was: ر.س415.99.Current price is: ر.س314.31.

    – 14 red roses
    – 8 white roses
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arranged in Basket

  • Basket of roses and gerberas ر.س224.22

    Beautiful roses and gerberas arrangement for special person. Order with at same day delivery and surprise your loved one.

  • Basket of roses and juice .. Original price was: ر.س879.00.Current price is: ر.س678.18.

    – 35 pink roses
    – 20 yellow roses
    – 1 liter juice bottle
    – 2 white lilies
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arrangde in a basket

  • Best Chocolate Combo Basket Original price was: ر.س759.04.Current price is: ر.س649.00.

    chocoaltes and chips, snacks items which includes, lays, pringles, twix, snickers, and many other chocolates arranged in a basket.

  • Charming peach roses and lilies in a basket Original price was: ر.س399.00.Current price is: ر.س274.27.

    – 4 peach pink roses
    – 4 standard pink roses
    – 2 lilies
    – 6 green buttons
    – 1 stem of baby peach pink roses
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arranged in a basket

  • Cherish the combo of rose .. Original price was: ر.س766.00.Current price is: ر.س511.51.

    – 6 pink roses
    – 6 white roses
    – 3 stems of pink and white baby roses
    – 16 white carnations
    – 1 bottle vitamic C tablets
    – 2 liters of juice bottles
    – 10 platic glasses with straws
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arranged on a black tray

  • Chocolates & Cookies Basket Original price was: ر.س716.99.Current price is: ر.س599.00.

    Tivoli cookies, illy coffee powder, jam, Lockers cookies, tea mug, twinings tea powder and other cookies arranged in a basket or box.

  • Chocolates Arranged Basket Original price was: ر.س499.50.Current price is: ر.س397.00.

    Beautiful basket contains lockers cookies, reeses chocolates, oreo, maltesers, and other cookies arranged in a basket.

  • Chocolates With Roses Basket Original price was: ر.س569.99.Current price is: ر.س486.00.

    Combo basket contains 20 pcs of kit kat chocolates arranged with 6 red roses in a basket.

  • Cookies Hamper Original price was: ر.س659.99.Current price is: ر.س549.00.

    Walker cookies
    Cadbuary balls
    Davidoff coffee
    Coffee mug
    Other cookies arranged in a basket

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