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  • Best Chocolate Combo Basket Original price was: ر.س759.04.Current price is: ر.س649.00.

    chocoaltes and chips, snacks items which includes, lays, pringles, twix, snickers, and many other chocolates arranged in a basket.

  • Box of 20 orages roses wi .. Original price was: ر.س655.99.Current price is: ر.س362.86.

    – 10 orange roses
    – 10 stems of baby orange roses
    – 250gms patchi chocolates
    – Added with green fillers
    – Arranged in a box

  • Cute beautiful mixed flow .. Original price was: ر.س869.00.Current price is: ر.س666.17.

    – 12 orange roses
    – 6 blue roses
    – 16 white roses
    – 3 yellow roses
    – 1 sunflower
    – 2 white lilies
    – 250gms patchi chocolates
    – Seaonal fillers
    – Arranged in a vase

  • Evening Coffee & Cookies Basket Original price was: ر.س699.00.Current price is: ر.س590.00.

    Tivoli cookies, illy coffee powder, jam, Lockers cookies, tea mug, twinings tea powder, davidoff coffee, and other cookies arranged in a basket or box.

  • Floral prism best flowers .. Original price was: ر.س889.00.Current price is: ر.س684.18.

    – 6 yellow roses
    – 6 stems of baby yellow roses
    – 6 stems of baby white roses
    – 12 white gerberas
    – 6 Alstroemeria Peruvian lilies
    – Seasonal fillers
    – Arranged in vase and tied with white ribbon

  • Fully Furnished Chocolates Basket Original price was: ر.س740.99.Current price is: ر.س670.00.

    Big basket contains floral arrangment of chocolates tower which ncludes varieties of chocolates arranged beautifully

  • Half dozen red roses bouquet Original price was: ر.س256.01.Current price is: ر.س156.01.

    – 6 red roses
    – Seasonal fillers
    – White & golden red wrapper
    – Tied with thread

  • Half dozen red roses with seasonal fillers ر.س156.16

    Product presented in the image may differ with the actual product delivered. We will try our best to make it similar.

    Arrangement of half dozen roses with seasonal fillers. Send this beautiful handcrafted bouquet to loved one or your family and enjoy every moment with joy and happiness from florasaudi.com

  • Mixed roses and patchi ch .. Original price was: ر.س928.00.Current price is: ر.س724.72.

    – 24 red roses
    – 12 white roses
    – 1 stem of lilies
    – 250gms pathi chocolates
    – 5 green buttons
    – Added with seasonal fillers
    – Aranged in a red colored box

  • Pink peach roses with 1K .. Original price was: ر.س855.98.Current price is: ر.س673.67.

    – 40 pink peach roses
    – 2 stems of baby pink roses
    – 1KG bostani chocolates
    – Wrapped in a light black wrapper
    – Tied with gilden ribbon around

  • Sunflowers bouquet Original price was: ر.س249.89.Current price is: ر.س148.50.

    Surprise sunflowers wrapped in a brown wrapper and tied with gray ribbon

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